In March of 2016, Deputy Trey Arnold was investigating an auto accident during a snow storm.  Just as he was completing his investigation, he was in the back seat of the 4 door pickup involved when that vehicle was struck by another motorist.  Due to the impact his head went through the back window of the truck.  He was transported with a severe head injury.  Which caused more health issues for Trey, as the year prior he had surgery on his neck, and this injury compounded his health concerns and put his career in jeopardy.  In September of 2016 the MC1 Foundation reached out to the community by hosting a cookout in the parking lot of the Machine Gun Tours in Lakewood to raise additional money to donate to Deputy Arnold.

Antonio Lopez Jr has been an officer with the Denver Police Dept. since 2008.  “Tony” Lopez, the oldest of five, chose the path that his father had, and followed in his footsteps for a law enforcement career.  While on his routine patrol, December 8th, 2015, he was about to conduct a traffic stop at 37th and Federal Blvd, but there was nothing routine about it!  Tony was met with a barrage of gunfire, even before exiting his patrol car he had been shot three times.  Twice in the left arm and once in the chest.

That wasn’t enough to stop Officer Lopez, he exited his vehicle and exchanged gunfire with the suspect.  He would be shot many more times, striking his left thigh, shattering his femur and severing the femoral artery.  The suspect was struck once in the left ankle and fled the scene, he was eventually apprehended.

Tony was rushed to Denver Health Medical Center where he has had numerous surgeries to save his life and limbs.  They had to use a total of 19 liters of blood transfusions and after five major surgeries he was released from the hospital on Dec. 31, 2015.  Officer Lopez has had a long road to recovery, however knowing his wife was pregnant with his first son helped him to fight!  We are thrilled to have helped his family, and announce that he is back on the streets of Denver to protect and serve!!

December 3rd, 2014 – Denver Police Officer John Adsit was performing his daily duties, he was assigned to the bike patrol unit, and was escorting hundreds of high school students that were marching in a protest on Colfax Avenue.  An oncoming vehicle struck John and dragged him under the vehicle while the driver suffered a medical condition.

John suffered severe and numerous injuries.  He had lost his spleen, suffered broken ribs, a broken femur and his left arm was crushed.  His surgeries since the horrible an accident have surpassed the twenties.  On Feb. 18th, 2015 he was finally cleared by hospital staff to go home to his family.

On May 3rd, 2015 the 2nd Annual MC1 Honor Run was held to benefit John.  The proceeds from so many giving and kind people went to John and his family to help cover everyday expenses.  It would not have been such an enormous success without the 500 riders, sponsors and all of our volunteers.



In September 2016, Detective Dan Brite of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office was one of several officers that was responding to a call of a despondent male with a gun.  It was reported that the subject was near both a school and a hospital.  As soon as the deputies arrived on scene, they began taking gunfire.  Detective Brite was shot within moments, which did not end his career but the paralyzing shot ended his ability to stand and walk ever again.  Detective Brite has suffered through a long recovery process.  The Foundation along with 2 others (Adsit Strong and Shield616) purchased a wheelchair that allows Dan to recover some of his interests again, including fishing!

On Friday June 23, 2017, Corporal Michael Nesbitt was involved in the pursuit of a DUI suspect while on patrol in the City of Edgewater.  After the pursuit, Cpl. Nesbitt had to engage in a physical confrontation to subdue the suspect.  Unfortunately, that resulted in Cpl. Nesbitt suffering a severe cardiac arrest and was transported from the scene for immediate medical intervention.  Due to a quick medical response he was only hospitalized for a short stay, however he did need some assistance from the MC1 Foundation, and we were fortunate enough to stop and see him as well as provide support.

In February of 2016, Park County Sheriff Capt. Mark Hancock, Corporal Nate Carrigan, and Deputy Colby Martin were attempting to serve an eviction notice when gunfire erupted from within the home.  Tragically Nate Carrigan lost his life in this event.  Deputy Martin was shot numerous times in his lower extremities and spent an extensive and painful amount of time recovering.  We were so pleased to visit him, and had the pleasure of helping him out financially.

February 10th 2016, Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Deputy Bill Foreman was responding to a homicide scene when his patrol car was struck by a full size pickup truck.  Bill had to be extricated from his vehicle, before they could transport him for medical care.  His stay in the hospital was months, and more recovery time after he was released.  Bill was using a walker when we visited, but in great spirits and so thankful for the assistance.

With your help, we have remained busy during 2017 and 2018.  Please read the stories of those we have been able to help below...